Weekly Retrospective Simple + delta

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This is a weekly retrospective aimed at bringing any simmering issues to the surface, it is aimed at continuous process improvement, it improves productivity during the week. The idea is to identify process change, absolutely not a blame game, that attitude must be shut down, and agreement reached as to how this will be run.

DateTime: 12 May 2012, 1pm Minute taker: Paul Tyrrell Chair: Sam Tyrrell


Step 1 Assign roles

Identify minute taker and chair, can be a vote, volunteer, Lifo, last in first to minute take.

Step 2 Review last week

Review Action status from last weeks retro, absolutely do not solve actions in this time, this is a quick review. 5 min.

Step 3 Put up Plus Delta columns

Write on the white board or flip chart two columns, Plus column and Delta Column

Step 4 Plus Deltas captured from team

Go round the room each person lists/voices their two Plus for the week past, and their two Delta's, or vote on an existing one. These go up on Whiteboard/Flipchart, no complaining, no recriminations, respectful to other team members.

Step 5 Acknowledge pluses

Acknowledge the Pluses

Step 6 Review & vote

Review the Delta's each person get's two votes.

Step 7 Assign Owner to actions

List top 3 voted Delta's Identify Owner.

Step 8 Quick wins on actions

Quick review possible solutions, if no quick solution, leave to Owner to action by next retro

Step 8 Minute and distrubute

Minute taker types up minutes post to wiki, and socialise.

End. Have beer and/or beverage of choice.