Warm Up Exercise - Sprint Draw & Guess

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Warmup Exercise - Sprint Draw & Guess

A fun 10 minute warmup. I don't know the source of this, so am happy to be corrected.


  • X index cards per team member, where X is the total number of people within the dev team
  • Sharpies or pens
  • A pair of phones to use as countdown timers


  1. Give each person index cards and a sharpie/pen
  2. Each person should write 1 to X in the top left corner of the index cards, front to back
  3. If team size is even, each person has 1 minute to draw (without using words) how they felt the previous sprint went
  4. If team size is odd, each person has 30 seconds to write down in words how they felt about the previous sprint
  5. On completion, place the card at the back of the stack and pass it to the right
  6. The next person, looking only at the last card at the back, attempts to interpret it
  7. If they see a drawing, attempt to write down what it represents
  8. If they see text, draw it
  9. Facilitator should keep time - 1 min for drawing and 30 seconds for writing
  10. Everyone should be doing the same thing
  11. Keep going around until you write or draw on the last card
  12. Once complete, lay them all out in order
  13. Enjoy comparing the interpretations

Leave the index cards out during the rest of the retrospective, as a visual aid to whatever activity you have planned.

Alternatively, if the activity planned requires index cards, just flip them over and reuse.

Sounds silly, but is rather great in lightening the mood.