Pomodoro Retrospective

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To focus quickly on a single action. Worth trying to reintroduce focus and energy if your retrospectives are getting long and inconclusive

Length of time:

One pomodoro (25 minutes)

Short Description:

A retrospective constrained in time by using pomodoro technique.


Timer, index cards, dot stickers for voting


The pomodoro retrospective is conducted standing up. This keeps things moving and keeps people focused. 25 minutes doesn't provide a lot of scope for variation of activities but we can easily cover our standard format: brainstorming - affinity mapping - dot voting - and agree one action that will improve things ... Ultimately, the challenge I've set myself is to focus these continuous improvement pomodoros on making an improvement that is not borne out of (and therefore constrained by) solving a specific problem. They just focus on making an improvement to get better. (Simon Baker)


Simon Baker 1