Highway Drive

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Situation: An ongoing project is like an ongoing road trip. While some part of the road would be smooth and well marked, there may be a sudden pothole, a speed breaker or an unexpected diversion that may slow you down. So the question here is what would you do to manage your road trip better?

Length of time:

60 min


The facilitator draws a large picture of a high way as shown on the reverse of this card, with sign boards, pits and dead-ends that would enable the teams to visualize the analogy. Ask your team to think of the project in progress as a road trip and identify: 1. The enablers (sign boards, fuel etc.) of a successful, smooth journey and suggest ideas to maintain or create those enablers. 2. The blockers (small pits on the road side) that are slowing them down. 3. Big impediments that need escalations (complete road cave-in) and are holding them back from moving forward. 4. Threats (dead-ends) and risks

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Madhavi Ledalla: https://www.linkedin.com/in/madhavi-ledalla-6454237/