Bubble Up

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Use for understanding challenges and opportunities across multiple teams when scaling agile.

Length of time:

With practise this should take 15 minutes, You may like to allow 30 minutes in the beginning.

Short Description:

All teams capture challenges and opportunities outside their control during their regular end of sprint retrospective and provide them to the leadership team in a 15 minute stand up. Challenges and Opportunities feed into the extended leadership teams continuous improvement backlog.


A wall, Shapries & Index cards


  • All teams across an Agile Release Train (or any other multiple team scenario) hold their regular individual end of sprint retrospective.
  • As part of the team retrospective, the team identifies challenges and opportunities outside their control that they want to "bubble up" to the leadership team.
  • A 15-30 minute session is held after all teams have completed their individual retrospectives where each team sends a least one representative.
  • Each team representative shares with the group and the leadership team the challenges and opportunities outside their control.
  • Challenges and opportunities are recorded on the "Bubble Up" wall for actioning by the leadership team or specialist chapters.