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Situation: An Agile team is like a team of basket ball players and their project sprints are like games - they are all about effective collaboration to win the championship. Imagine a team of ace performers; individually, each one is a great player but what about collective genius? How do we ensure that the ace players are connected to the larger goal of winning the series championship? Achieving success is not going to be easy. We have to learn to respect our differences and work closely as a team when there is a larger goal in sight. This is highly relevant to Agile Mind-set where the cross-functional teams should indeed collaborate well.

Length of time:

60 min


Draw the picture shown on the reverse of the card. The first scenario depicts individual team members or functions trying to focus on their own goals which will not always let them meet the team goal. Ask your team to think of the shared team goal, note down the points that can potentially lead towards the second scenario of the picture. Instruct your team to brainstorm all the bottlenecks and think of things to do so that they can move from left to right.


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