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An Agile team is slowly becoming an A-Team. This team consists of different people with different backgrounds, skills and personalities. But they do need to work together to get results. They need a plan, a goal, and want to learn from mistakes. So the actual A-Team is coming to the rescue. Collaboration, honesty and openness is the key.

Length of time:

60 min


Print out pictures of the four members of the A-Team. Each member represents one subject:

Face: Visibility (nice results)

Murdock: Remarkable (particularities and special mentions)

B.A.: Group transportation (team work)

Hannibal: Future plan (goals and strategy)

Put the pictures up on the wall and place post-its under the right member of the A-Team with retro points of the last sprint that correspond to one of the four subjects. Afterwards group the post-its whenever possible and discuss the outcome. And become an A-Team!

To get in the A-Team mindset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MVonyVSQoM&feature=youtu.be

A-Team retro.png


Paul Overmars: https://paulovermars.nl/10-retrospectives/